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ASM is a long-term accommodation provider who prioritizes on ensuring that their customers receive a more targeted and tailored service. Their strength comes from having a team which has a professional understanding of the different cultures they deal with frequently. As a result, since the year 2006 ASM has succeeded in providing comfortable, fully furnished and fully equipped apartments to everyone who moves to Melbourne.


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Web Application Design and Development


Their requirements were straight forward and they had a clear understanding of what was needed to be done to ensure operational excellency. ASM was tapping into a broader market and as a result they wanted to automate all booking operations with the intention of meeting the rapid increase in demands for reservations. To achieve this, ASM wanted to integrate their operations system with their website to provide a seamless and cost-effective booking process.


ASM contacted Linking Integrating for support in their digital transformation. This made way for Linking Integrating to redesign the ASM website in order to offer a better user experience and ensure seamless interactions. Upon analysing their existing operational system Linking Integrating was able to initiate a suitable integration and an automation.


Linking Integrating worked with an existing operational system provider that was provide ASM and their customers an effective digital platform which enables a seamless booking procedure. As a result, ASM’s new digital platform now offers their customers a user-friendly online booking solution.
This automated process has enabled ASM to provide a much faster and a more client engaging service than before and they are able to understand the booking statistics instantaneously.


  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Web Application Development


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel