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Project Outline

Australian Schools Plus (ASP) has been working with Linking Integrating to remediate gaps that are existing with their current Website and CRM, allowing seamless integration and effective automation. Some of the project activities that was covered in this engagement are as bellow:

Donations: End to end integration with payment gateway and Salesforce so that all types of donations are managed automatically through the implementation. All donation data is not linked to the Accounting system helping operational report generation and consistency across the systems.

Document Generation and Email Automation: The ability to generate PDFs with merge fields and automate email communication helping staff reduce their efforts in keeping track of documents and manual rectifications.

School and Project Registrations: Improvement of School Registrations process and creation of Registration process automating and tracking the data under one CRM capability.

Acquittal Creations: Improvement of the current process to allow for multiple Acquittals.



  • Reliable integration between payment gateway and Salesforce with accurate General Accounting Units, fees and Account/Contact matching.
  • The option to provide recurring donations through the online platform
  • Recurring donations and their schedules are managed through Salesforce
  • Integrate donations with the accounting system.
  • Mapping donations to respective accounting reports

Document Generation and Email Automation 

  • Configure the agreed document generation solution from the Salesforce AppExchange
  • Set up automated responses and receipts to doners
  • Conduct training for ASP staff to empower them to manage new email templates and automations

School and Project Registrations 

  • Improve the consistency of School Registrations using the current online platform capability
  • Improve the consistency of Project Registrations
  • Improve the User Experience to allow for Schools to self-register projects

  Acquittal Creations 

  • Create “New Acquittal” function
  • Ensure synchronisation between Salesforce records and Singular Acquittal forms
  • Process map automated emails


  • CRM


  • Salesfoce Consulting
  • Salesforce Implementation
  • Salesforce NPSP