Dickson’s Village

Dickson’s Village

Dickson Village is being developed on Block 21 Section 30 Dickson in the Dickson Group Centre. Linking the existing Dickson Group Centre with major parking, retail and residential facilities is promising as it guarantees the creation of a new vicinity.


Dickson’s Village


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Dickson’s Village ran a public information site which had difficulties in showing the dynamic of parking around construction sites so as to avoid any inconveniences to those that arrive in private vehicles.


Linking Integrating was given the opportunity to create a platform through which visitors could identify the parking availability in the area during the development period of Dickson’s Village.


Utilising Google maps development, Linking Integrating ensured that the visitors were able to meet their requirements in reference to parking by accessing the Google map which is made available on the Dickson’s Village official website. Visitors are able to obtain information via the “short stay parking, long stay parking, disabled parking and construction parking” framework which would help them avoid any inconveniences.


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