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Mobile Application Development


The faculty of education in Monash University identified the need of initiating a digital platform for the intellectually disabled, with the purpose of creating awareness and helping them understand the values and usage of Australian money.


This was a unique opportunity for Linking Integrating to help create something that would have a positive impact on society while working to fulfill their responsibilities to Monash University. The opportunity lies in understanding the optimal user experience which we could offer by doing the necessary research. It was important to prioritize the wellbeing of these intellectually disabled individuals when using this application.


Linking Integrating designed and developed a web application through which intellectually disabled people are able to conveniently understand and learn about Australian money with the help of a series of simple tasks. Upon completing all the tasks which consist of pictures, questions and comparisons, a digital certificate will be provided to the individual based on his/her performance.
In phase two, the web application was further developed in which the digital environment consisted of 3D models for the purpose of enhancing the user experience. Linking Integrating worked with Monash University to implement their algorithm which helps analyse the behaviour of these unique individuals.


  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development


  • PHP
  • Android