Finding inspiration from the classic mid-century modern architecture and as a result of pairing it up with a sustainable approach, residents find an abundant supply of space, comfort, luxury and safety in an environment with a rich history and a cultural background.


TP Dynamics


Property Development industry

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Creative UI/UX | Web Design and Development

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For this brand-new residential project, TP Dynamics opened a new development site which was yet to have a digital platform in order to attract potential buyers and track them so that the buyers can be nurtured through the process with relevant information.


Linking Integrating was given the opportunity to work with the marketing team from TP Dynamics to design a new property selling Website that would attract potential interests and capture interests to CRM that later can be used to nurture buyers through the process.


Linking Integrating designed and developed a new website which is responsive and SEO capable with a user-friendly experience for mobile based customers. This digital platform ensured a rapid increase in inquiries which largely benefited TP Dynamics’ new development site. We also integrated the Salsesforce CRM to capturing leads.


  • Web Design and Development


  • PHP
  • Android