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Student Placement


Student Placement


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Mobile Application Development


Prior to this project, the student administrators were tasked with manually mapping the students to placement centres depending on their address. This was a tedious and a time-consuming process as it was needed to be done every semester at least twice a year. The higher education provider was in need for an automated process which would indicate the closest placement availability depending on the address.


Linking Integrating was tasked with the responsibility of finding a solution which didn’t use mainstream mapping technology. As a result, Linking Integrating had to explore scalable technologies in order to provide a more convenient and cost-effective method available in the market.


With the help of mapping technology and information from public authorities regarding specific travel times, Linking Integrating was able to develop a digital portal which has the ability to automatically suggest the student’s optimal placement with a choice of thousands of schools within a specific travel time on public and private transport.


  • Web Application Development


  • PHP
  • Android