We are an Application Services business helping businesses to streamline business operations to reduce tasks that are repetitive and prone for human errors.

We do this by building business specific applications, integrating existing applications for efficiencies, and bringing customer data together to provide information for effective engagement with customers.

Our Purpose

Linking Integrating is about linking people with technologies that are strategically integrated to offer an intuitive experience.

Our Mission

To be a trusted technology partner to our customers by proactively engaging and understanding their business needs and deliver outcome as one united team.

Our Values


We hold Creativity at the centre of everything we do. We find creative ways to help our customers, finding effective and efficient ways of working.


We are Attentive to our customers, employees and partners as we believe in helping each other to deliver better outcome in all that we do.


We bring a Result oriented attitude to work. From employees to our partners to contractors we expect that we deliver what we say that we would do.


We strive for Excellence by continuously challenging ourselves to be the best we can be. We focus on our customers success and let our quality speak for the commitment we make.

Who do we work with

Businesses who are looking to optimise their business operations and yet don’t know how and what tools to use achieve and measure that state.

Businesses that are facing challenges due to numerous manual processes with significant human involvement and wants to minimise errors and re purpose costs.

Businesses that are using outdated applications costing them time and money to maintain and wants to modify them to new and user-friendly systems.

What Problems we Solve

Reduce the cost of operating a business by implementing solutions that increases business efficiencies and optimise the resource utilisation.

Minimise and eliminate repetitive, tedious tasks that drains the employees and becomes hindrance to business progress.

Helps you bring ideas to life with detailed discovery and technological solutions to take an idea to market.

Help you bridge the technology and expertise gap in your organisation by augmenting specialists to deliver outcomes.

Eliminate system silos and integrate and interconnect systems and data to offer seamless connectivity and insights to the business.

How we engage with our customers

Our Partners

Department of Jobs and Small Businesses: Linking Integrating is a corporate partner for Digital Champions Program offered by the Department of Jobs & Small Businesses. The program is an Australian Federal Government Initiative helping 100 Australian small to medium businesses.

Linking Integrating Partner with accessiBe to help clients achieve and maintain WCAG 2.1 & ADA compliance while becoming inclusive and doing the right thing!

When people engage in positive, respectful and purposeful relationships, any situation, community or system will change for the better. Mark Davidson Consulting helps create welcoming, inclusive and supportive Communities by offering broad and bespoke services for organisations and businesses who connect with or support people.

Linking Integrating work with Synergy Wholesale for providing our customers quality services on hosting and domain management. Synergy Wholesale is 100% Australian owned operated and managed.

Linking Integrating established a partnership with LI Studios with a common goal to deliver outcome-based digital solutions for Australian businesses. LI Studios, with over a decade of experience in the industry, brings strong technological and design initiatives to the mix.

MIT Group is our Managed IT Services provider for our customers.

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