We are a consulting business that offers bespoke application services.

We cover the complete software development cycle, from ideation to discovery and application design, development, and deployment. Whether you decide to build tailor-made business applications, implement, and integrate existing business platform or augment IT talent, we are ready to help with your challenges.

Software Application Services

Application Development

If you are a business relying on manual processes, or legacy applications that lost their charm, you might experience productivity frustrations that leaves too much room for costly human errors. At Linking Integrating, we are your partner in turning innovative ideas into cutting-edge digital solutions. As a leading Applications Development Company in the mid-tier market, we specialise in crafting tailored software that caters to your unique business needs. Our expert team excels in Custom Software Development, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Cloud-based Solutions, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital landscape.

Application Integration

Running multiple systems often leads to productivity issues, such as: data duplication, lengthy data entry, human errors, lack of productivity with exhausting reconciliations, just so you can maintain data integrity. We at Linking Integrating, as your strategic partner in driving digital cohesion through advanced Applications Integration. As a pioneering force in the field, we specialise in API Development, Legacy System Integration, Middleware Implementation, Data Mapping, Transformation and Integration, and API Management. Our mission is to elevate your business by unifying your systems and processes, enabling you to thrive in the era of interconnected technologies for better human experience.

Application Modernisation

Applications are costly, but the cost of legacy applications that are lagging can be even higher to your organisation. Like all technological applications, we need to move forwards with an ever-developing industry. Modernizing your applications means no more bottle necks, no more slow system, no more lengthy manual handling and human errors that might alienate clients and employees. As a company that utilise new ideas within this space, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including Technology Assessment and Roadmap, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Redesign, Application Re-platforming, Application Integration, and Cloud Adoption and Optimization.

Application Testing

We will help you gain assurance of your IT investments by validating the products and IT services are in line with the specific requirements you have and is flawlessly performing the operations. We optimise, streamline, and perfect solutions of any business and complexity across our focused industries. Our QA processes and software testing approaches are based on the best practices in the industry providing you with the confidence in our results. We offer a spectrum of testing solutions, including Application Functionality Testing, User Experience Testing, Performance Testing, Integration Testing, and Test Automation.

Application Support and Maintenance

Monitoring and maintain applications play a crucial role in ensuring the ongoing smooth operation of your business applications minimizing any potential business risk due to system failures. Linking Integrating is your dedicated partner in providing comprehensive Applications Support and Maintenance solutions. We offer a range of essential services, including Bug Fixing and Issue Resolution, Performance Optimization, Security Updates and Patches, Database Maintenance, and User Support and Helpdesk.

Digital Solutions Services

Custom Website Development and Design

we understand that a well-crafted online presence is more than just a website; it’s a powerful asset for your business. Our Custom Website Development and Design services are designed to deliver real value based on your business goals. We focus on providing tailored solutions for your business needs, engaging user experience, Search Engine Visibility, Scalable and dedicated support, and maintenance. We take pride in delivering websites that not only look great but also perform exceptionally well, helping you achieve your business objectives.

E-commerce Solutions

eCommerce Web development services aim to address the challenges of B2C and B2B companies bound to retail operations. We helps eCommerce businesses establish and offer a comprehensive shopping experience to their customers, optimise and automate internal operations, support business development strategies, and help management use digital data for decision making.

Custom Web Portals

At Linking Integrating, we understand that in today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and customer empowerment are key. Our Custom Web Portal services are designed to deliver tangible value to your business by offering self-service capabilities that reduce operational expenses and empower your customers. When you work with us you could offer Streamlined Customer Self-service, realise cost savings with increased operational efficiencies, increased customer satisfaction and experience through real-time information access and data driven insights.

Web-based Dashboards

Is your business trying to ascertain how the business is running and don’t have an idea how to? We understand that making informed decisions and gaining insights into your business operations are essential for success. Our Web-based Dashboard solutions are designed to deliver valuable, real-time data aggregation and visualization, empowering decision-makers and operational staff to monitor and optimize their processes. We will work with you and enable centralised data aggregation, holistic views and real-time tracking capabilities, customisable and permission-based data visualisation.

Outsourcing Services

IT Staff Augmentation

Have you got a project that is already running or planning to commission and have trouble finding talent to execute this task? We at Linking Integrating, understand that the success of any software development project hinges on having the right talent. In today’s fast-paced and dynamic IT landscape, having access to a diverse set of technical skills is crucial for staying competitive. That’s where our IT Staff Augmentation services offer multiple talent options for your needs.

Following are the skilled talent we offer:

  1. Front-end Developers
  2. Back-end Developers
  3. Full-stack Developers
  4. Mobile Developers – IOS,
  5. Android, PWA
  6. UI/UX Designers
  7. DevOps Engineers
  8. QA Engineers
  9. Solution Architects
  10. Business Analysts
  11. Project Managers
  12. Data Entry Specialists

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