Incident Management

An incident is an event or chain of events which has or could have caused occupational injury, ill health, and/or damage (loss) to people, assets or reputation. Incidents may involve actual or potential injury/illness, property/environment damage, motor vehicle accidents or near-misses.

Most often Linking Integrating manage incidents that relate to our services, but we understand the human side of the business and the impact that faulty solutions can have on our customers.

In the instance where you (the customer) wish to report an incident to Linking Integrating, the following methods can be used. If you are satisfied that the incident is not urgent then an email can be sent to capturing the specifics of your concern. Please indicate in the Subject [INCIDENT: ]

Once we receive a communication from you, a team member will investigate and either resolve the issue, provide a workaround or advise an approximate date for when the resolution will take place.
If you believe the incident is urgent then use this contact number (1300995737) to get in touch with us.