Early Childhood
Education and Care

Project Overview

On of the peak bodies in this section needed to build a self-service portal to streamline member engagement process and offer a better experience to their members and support services.

Introduction: The organization cannot be revealed due to contractual obligations, this customer is one of the peak bodies for Early Childhood Education and Care Sector. They have a membership base of over 500 service providers operating close to 1,500 services and includes early years management organisations, independent kindergartens, local government, long day care services, government and independent schools and out-of-school hours care programs.

Problem Statement: As part of an extensive service offering to early childhood providers and services, our customer provides payroll-related advice, calculations, support, resources and information. The number of payroll-related interactions with service providers has significantly increased over in the past three to four years and they expects that enquiry volumes will remain at these high levels, in the coming years, which is influenced by significant sector growth and reform.

Solution: Our customer needs a longer-term solution to reduce the demand pressure on payroll-related advice through automation and a self-service portal solution for payroll related calculations. This will mean that our customer needs to modernise their existing tools into a more digitally friendly solution, and business processes need to be transformed to cater the digital adaptation. Linking Integrating has conducted business workshops to understand the holistic view of the current operations and tools used, which heled us design and build a digital solution. The solution we build transformed the existing tool logic into a digital platform that offers services to end user through a web-browser that can be accessed on a device of their choice. As our customer is expecting to grow their business and the level of enquiries are expected to rise as well, therefore, the solution was developed with scalability to cater future growth.



This solution offers the capability for larger/more skilled service providers to undertake their own Payroll related calculations.


Improve the end of calendar year payroll process by limiting bottlenecks.


Free up time for our customer to provide complex advice and continuous improvement activities.

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