Leading Higher-
Education Provider

Project Overview

One of the G8 University’s Education Faculty engaged with Linking Integrating to implement a digital portal to automatically suggest the Student’s optimal placement into a choice of thousands of schools within 90min travel time on public and private transport.

Industry: Higher-Education

Our Approach: Research, Web Application Development

Challenge: The education service provider wanted to build a solution that did not depend on main-stream mapping solutions and develop an inhouse solution to map local public transport routes and private routes. Linking Integrating had to perform research on the available technologies and methodologies to provide a sustainable inhouse solution for mapping Students with Placements and do so based on locations.

Opportunity: This is a unique opportunity for Linking Integrating to provide a solution to a common problem in the higher-education sector with placements. Being requested to build an inhouse mapping solution is the key ask with this work.

Solution: We tapped into a mapping solution for private commute and used Public transport data from the public transport authorities to calculate distance and time. With this we were able to provide an optimal solution for the education service provider, where they could identify the students who are suitable for placement with available facilities and based on their commute time.

Outcome: Reducing manual mapping of students have been a time consuming and a tedious operation and with this the time spent on that task is reduced by 80% and expect to reduce further as the users get familiar with the system.

Services: Web Application Solution

Technology: Geo Mapping, Node.js