Project Overview

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia conducted a major transformation project by upgrading their sales channels together with their secure entry systems to all ranges and integrating multiple isolated systems to one interconnected hub. This offer them a holistic view of member engagement and sales operation and ability to manage members activity from one central point.

Introduction: With over 40,000 members, SSAA Victoria is the state’s largest body representing licensed firearms owners. Under the current operating model, administration is handled by the State Office, which is governed by a Board of Directors in line with established policies, constitution, and bylaws.

Problem Statement: As per 2023 FY, SSAA Victoria prediction they are expecting over 4% increase in attendance compared to Pre-pandemic times. To cater the growing member activities, they needed to offer a seamless engagement and authentication in their ranges, they also had to consolidate applications that are running in isolation to offer this experience to their members and staff. To support the new business requirements, while streamlining the business process SSAA-Victoria has requested Linking Integrating to provide an integrated technological solution to the organization, where all the membership data, Sales, CRM and facility usage can be managed and tracked from one central office.

Solution: Linking Integrating successfully conducted the implementation and integration of security gates with member data for seamless access control through a digital layer, integration of PoS solution with membership data through Salesforce and extending the sales capability to digital commerce platform allowing the members to interact with the business online.

The solution comprised of:

Cloud Application on Microservices architecture

System Integration

Application Development

CRM implementation

Digital Commerce Solution




SSAA Victoria has an access control system that is fully integrated and operated centrally through a digital interface.


Sales data is tracked against members and members groups offering management a better view of the member’s interactions.


Members have the capability to do online shopping with SSAA-Victoria at their convenience.


Modernised PoS solution, which is fully integrated with CRM and eCommerce solution.


Overall solution provided increased member experience with faster access, faster PoS operations, and management reporting.

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