Project Overview

TP Dynamics, a prominent builder and property developer in Canberra, engaged with Linking Integrating in January 2019 to enhance their corporate website. Since then, Linking Integrating has collaborated with TP Dynamics on various project sales and corporate website initiatives.

Introduction: Our client, a social services business funded by donors and the government, sought to develop a marketplace to efficiently connect support workers to clients in need within communities.

Problem Statement: The current process of manually assigning support workers to clients was inefficient and time-consuming. Clients must be directed to specific support services based on their needs, which requires significant manual effort.

Solution: The solution developed by Linking Integrating is a user-friendly digital platform designed to streamline the allocation of support workers to clients within communities. This platform allows support workers to easily access client consent for sharing information and matches them with available support services based on the client’s needs. Leveraging Google Maps integration, the platform identifies the top support services within a specified radius, enabling efficient allocation of resources. By digitising this process, the platform reduces manual effort and ensures that clients receive timely and appropriate support services. Additionally, the platform offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the client and their stakeholders over time.

Following are the stages that was deployed and planned:


Consult: Linking Integrating consulted with the client to understand their requirements and challenges. This phase focused on UI/UX design, navigation, and business-to-technology integration. 

Status: Completed


Build: Utilising the insights gained during the consultation phase, Linking Integrating built a digital platform that streamlines the process of allocating support workers to clients. The platform allows support workers to obtain consent from clients to share their information and matches them with available support services within a specified radius. 

Status: Completed


Run: With the platform developed and launched, Linking Integrating continues to maintain and optimise it to ensure smooth operation.  

Status: Completed

Outcome: The platform streamlined allocation processes and reduced manual effort ensuring operational efficiency and support services delivered to clients in a timely and appropriate manner. Ongoing support and updates are provided by Linking Integrating to meet the evolving needs of the client and their stakeholders.

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