Project Overview

TP Dynamics, a prominent builder and property developer in Canberra, engaged with Linking Integrating in January 2019 to enhance their corporate website. Since then, Linking Integrating has collaborated with TP Dynamics on various project sales and corporate website initiatives.

Introduction: Koala Living is a quality luxury furniture brand founded in Richmond Australia in 2007 and has grown the last 17 years. With that growth the team at Koala sought to overhaul their ERP system, e-commerce platform, and CRM. Linking Integrating was engaged to develop the front end of their new e-commerce platform.

Problem Statement: The existing systems were outdated and no longer met the company’s needs. The main driver for the change was to improve the overall customer experience as well modernising their technology stack to improve efficiency across the business..

Solution: To address these issues, Linking Integrating collaborated with Koala Living’s technical and solution architects, as well as the program manager, to design and build the front end of the e-commerce platform. We provided consultancy on web technologies, e-commerce solutions, and UI/UX design. Working alongside their back-end team, who managed the ERP integration, we developed a modern, user-friendly platform.


Following are the stages that was deployed and planned:


Consult: Linking Integrating provided consultancy on web technologies, e-commerce solutions, and UI/UX design, working closely with Koala Living’s technical team.  

Status: Completed


Build: Together with Koala Living’s back-end team, we built the front end of the ecommerce platform, integrating APIs provided by the client.  

Status: Completed


Run: While the initial project faced challenges and was not entirely successful, Linking Integrating continued to provide staff augmentation services for the front end of the platform. 

Status: Completed

Outcome: Despite initial challenges, the collaboration between Linking Integrating and Koala Living resulted in significant improvements to the company’s ecommerce platform. The modernisation of the front-end enhanced user experience, leading to increased customer engagement and satisfaction. While the project faced hurdles, ongoing staff augmentation services provided by Linking Integrating ensured the platform’s continued functionality and performance. Ultimately, Koala Living’s investment in technology modernisation has positioned them for future growth and success in the competitive furniture market.

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