Project Overview

TP Dynamics, a prominent builder and property developer in Canberra, engaged with Linking Integrating in January 2019 to enhance their corporate website. Since then, Linking Integrating has collaborated with TP Dynamics on various project sales and corporate website initiatives.

Introduction: Tenancy Skills Institute, primarily operating in Queensland, sought digital solutions to address challenges in real estate management and tenant support. The initial request was for consultation on a Salesforce solution to address their requirements. We collectively pivoted towards a custom Facebook application to facilitate communication between real estate agents and support services, aiming to streamline tenant management processes and mitigate housing issues.

Problem Statement: Rental property management in Queensland can offer up significant challenges, including property neglect, late payments, and non-compliance with rental agreements. Additionally, the rental housing crisis exacerbates the need for efficient tenant support services and housing solutions. The Tenancy Skills Institute partners with real estate agencies, the government and community bodies by bridging the gap and offering accessible courses for tenants, property managers and landlords alike.

Solution: To address these issues, Linking Integrating embarked on a consultation phase, meticulously identifying requirements and designing user experiences tailored to the real estate industry’s needs. Following a four-week consulting period, the decision was made to develop a custom Facebook application instead of utilising Salesforce due to cost considerations and specific functionalities required.

Following are the stages that was deployed and planned:


Consult: Linking Integrating collaborated closely with Tenancy Skills Institute to understand their unique challenges and objectives. This involved mapping out the technology requirements, defining project phases, and outlining the user experience strategy. 

Status: Completed


Build: The build phase focused on developing the Facebook application according to the specified requirements. Key features included ticket-raising capabilities for real estate agents, consent-based information sharing with tenants, and seamless communication with support services. 

Status: Completed


Run: Linking Integrating rolled out the digital platform in Ipswich, Queensland, marking the initial deployment stage. Subsequent plans involve expanding the platform’s reach to other regions, such as Toowoomba, to address housing challenges and enhance tenant management processes. 

Status: Completed

Outcome: Through collaborative consultation, meticulous build processes, and a strategic rollout strategy Linking Integrating enabled Tenancy Skills Institute to leverage digital solutions effectively, empowering real estate agents and support services to streamline tenant management and address housing issues proactively. 

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